We partner with exceptional individuals to unlock potentials, redefine boundaries, and craft stories that shape and define markets.

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Innovation serves as a key for leaders to turn creative ideas into profits. We design and build environments that encourage experimentation, focusing on critical questions to ensure a sustainable and profitable future.

We don't just tell stories; we make them happen by partnering with experts to seize market opportunities. Our focus is on guiding change and forging profitable collaborations, not just advising. We're committed partners in driving mutual success.



Insight-driven exploration, analysis. Prime ideas for design and development.

We know even the most ingenious ideas are fragile, easily lost to internal rivalry, market uncertainty, or technological hurdles. Leveraging a wealth of experience, we establish a clear roadmap for the idea to generate the intended value. Our approach not only protects ideas but primes them for successful design and development, establishing a robust foundation to unlock value generating innovation and provide a clear return on investment.



Creative and empirical processes transform concepts into reality.

Ready to turn your freshly vetted idea into a fully-fledged concept? At this stage, we carefully design and craft experiences, transforming ideas beyond expectations. Utilizing interactive prototyping and strategic schematics, our process merges creativity with empirical validation. We ensure your project's sustainability and adaptability, enhancing agility to navigate today's market dynamics.



Close collaboration and R&D² drive flawless execution and growth.

The Inspire phase at RETHNK centres on meticulous execution, transitioning flawless concepts into impactful realities. By working closely with internal teams and embracing R&D² collaborations, we develop, test, optimize, and re-test, ensuring strategic goals are met and growth is propelled. This comprehensive approach guarantees the integrity of the vision throughout the journey to experience.

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At RETHNK GROUP, we work with clients who are ready to tackle the tough questions. While many consultancies can contribute to your projects, we drive progress with people.

MasterCard | FT | IFC & The World Bank | Government of Kazakhstan | Volvo Cars |  Siemens |  Coca-Cola | AIB | BoAML | mobilityXlab | Concawe | Business Sweden | CEVT | EON | Sofico | Telefónica | TeraData | Swedish Institute | Zisser | IDG | Municipality of Murcia | Polpharma Biologics | Volkswagen | Citywire | Fujifilm

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Our expertise is in driving innovation and providing key insights to leaders committed to growth. With extensive experience across various industries.

We merge ethical practices with data-driven innovation to meet tomorrow's needs. Our services—from business development to stakeholder engagement—emphasize sustainability and ethics. We aim to elevate our clients, preparing them to lead in their industries with insight and integrity.

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  • Strategy design
  • Experience audits
  • Business and marketing strategy
  • Technical architecture evaluation
  • Brand development
  • Consumer research
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Educational keynotes
  • Workshops and creation sprints
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contact Rupert:

Rupert Ashwell
Founder | Managing Partner | Strategy & Business Development | User Experience Advisor
email: rupert@rethnk.group

Aric Dromi
Founder | Senior pPartner | Futurologist | Strategy & Creative Director
email: aric@rethnk.group

Vadim Dubrov
Senior Partner | Head of Design | Creative Advisor
email: vadim@rethnk.group

Trevor O'Rourke
Founder | Senior Partner | Communication & PR Advisor
email: trevor@rethnk.group

Simeon Marlokov
Senior Partner | Principle Architect | Technology Advisor
email: simeon@rethnk.group

Albert Jan Prevoo
Senior Partner | Strategy and Business Development Advisor
email: aj@rethnk.group


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